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20 March 2015 @ 06:35 pm
Permanent Post: Supernatural fic Masterlist  
Last updated: 18 January 2013. Added 2 fics to the list.

Listed by: Supernatural fic on LJ or AO3, Supernatural comment fics, Supernatural crossovers on LJ or AO3, and  Supernatural crossovers hosted elsewhere.

Supernatural fic on livejournal or AO3

The Grace 'verse. See Masterpost here. (Two stories in this series complete so far.)
In which Dean turns out to be the archangel Michael (surprise!) and decides that they're doing this Apocalypse thing his way (i.e. not at all), the rest of Team Free Will (plus Gabriel) help out, and the Host, the demons, and various other characters are along for the ride (eg. fellow archangels, grumpy hunters, hapless prophets, etc). Vastly alternate universe. Warning: mild slash.

Tales of Gabriel. Masterpost here. (6/30 stories posted)
Thirty self-contained stories (once I'm finished) involving the Trickster archangel in some way. Includes a couple of mini-verses. Slash, gen. Written for my spn_30snapshots prompt table.

Welcome to the Men In Black. Masterpost here.
Ongoing 'verse of drabbles and mini-fics in which the angels are the MIB.  Gen.

Son of the Morning. Masterpost here.
Sam smiles, bright and luminous. "An angel's Grace isn't just power, Dean. It's a part of their soul." A post-5.22 'verse in which Sam inherits Lucifer's Grace, and returns to a world where Castiel is an archangel at war with Raphael, Hell is running amok, and Dean's been left out of the loop at Lisa's for the past year. Gen. Ongoing 'verse.

All I Want (is to see the truth from the lies) (1/1 chapters posted)
Sam Winchester didn't make friends easily. So when popular prankster Gabriel started to take an interest in him, Sam wanted to know what his game was. Sam & Gabriel friendship. Cas & Dean friendship. High school AU. Complete

Untitled ficlet (1/1)
Usually when soulmates are born as brothers, they are twins.

What Archangels Have Joined Together. (1/1)
Response to this prompt: Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Lucifer - Gabriel really didn't die, instead he bound Dean and Lucifer together... this may be his best or worst prank ever. Crack!fic.

Marriage Counselling. (1/1)
Michael acts as a marriage counsellor for Lucifer and Dean, with some help from Adam. Sequel to 'What Archangels Have Joined Together.' Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Lucifer, Michael/Adam. Crack!fic. (scroll up once you get there for author notes etc)

A Day Out With Lucifer. (1/1)
Dean decides, after the counselling session with Michael/Adam, to take Lucifer on a date. Sequel to 'Marriage Counselling.' Dean/Lucifer. Crack!fic.

A Different Vessel. (1/2?) What if Castiel had taken a different Vessel? Clairestiel! fic. Crack!fic. Gen.
Part One.

The Forgotten Archangel
. (1/1)
Gabriel is standing in a ring of holy fire, and there's an unknown archangel just outside it, and that is just not possible. Gen.

In Fair Verona (the no such thing as dignity remix). (1/1)
'Looking at the contemplative expression on Lucifer's face, Sam thinks that this has the potential to be either very bad, or completely awesome.'  Two humans and two archangels in the cage. Crack. Gen.

Back In Time (what would you do with a hot tub time machine?). (3/3)
After a drunken night that ended with them all passing out in the hot tub, brothers Sam and Dean, and their friend Cas, wake up to find themselves in 1987. For spn_cinema

Message Delivered. (1/1)
Gabriel is resurrected. Spoilers for 6.22. Gen.

Last Night. (1/1)
Dean should never have gotten drunk with Cas. Human AU. Dean/Castiel.

Stars Are Born. (1/1)
Castiel enters Dean's dream. It is not what he expects. Gen. Probably.

Good Intentions (Pave the Way to Hell). (1/1)
He had a chance to do what the angels either couldn’t or wouldn’t, and he was going to take it, even if Dean wouldn’t forgive him for doing so. Gen. Sort of horror.

Just Desserts. (1/1)
Sam and Castiel decide to destroy Heaven, and Gabriel does absolutely nothing to stop them. Gen. Angsty, sort of horror.

I Melted Wax to Fix My Wings. (10/10)
Sam/girl!Gabriel, Dean/Castiel. After four torturous months Sam has his brother back, but Dean is accompanied by an angel with a terrible task for them both: help stop the impending apocalypse, or see the world destroyed. Sam has no idea what to do next when the Trickster turns up, blonde and female this time but as maddening as ever, promising assistance. As time Sam finds himself slowly coming to depend on the pagan Trickster god, but just when it looks like the apocalypse can be averted, the Winchester luck kicks in and threatens to ruin everything - including Sam's friendship with Loki.

The Epic Bromance of Jimmy and Loki. (1/1)
Jimmy Novak is Loki's unwilling BFF, so becoming an angelic vessel was hardly the weirdest thing that ever happened to him. Unfortunately. Crack!fic. Gen, mostly, except for mentions of Jimmy/Amelia.

Thursday Angel.  (1/1)
All that Castiel knows is that he does not know who he is, and that whatever has been done to him, it is terrible.

Planets.  (1/1)
"Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you."  Dean and Castiel finally have that conversation.

Orbit.  (1/1)
In the end, it always comes back to Dean. Companion piece/sequel to 'Planets'.

One Of Those Things. (1/1)
Discovering that you have some kind of angel-marriage, soulbond-thing to your nerdy angel friend kind of forces you to re-evaluate your relationship. In Dean's case, this involves freaking out and massive fail. Dean/Castiel, kinda. Crack!fic.

Like A Candle In The Window On A Cold Dark Winter's Night.  (2/2)
In which Castiel saves Dean, Dean saves Castiel, there is beer and TV watching, and if it weren't for the monsters and assassination attempts, life would be almost perfect. Dean/Castiel.

Castiel, Genie of the Ring.  (1/1)
So it was a really cool ring, okay? It wasn't like Dean knew that it came with a grumpy guy in a trenchcoat bound to grant Dean's every wish. AU. Dean/Castiel.

Zork.  (1/1)
Being the smart-ass narrator of the computer game from hell is fun. Being the random unfortunate stuck in said game, not so much. Trickster!Gabriel fic. Crack. Gen.

Hunting With Hallucifer.  (1/1)
The only thing worse than hunting solo and being caught by witches, was hunting with Lucifer as your hunting buddy and being caught by witches. Crack. Gen.

Sympathy for the Devil (and Dean Winchester). (12/12)
After the final Seal is broken, Dean discovers that he's actually Lucifer. He's not really sure how he feels about that. The forces of Heaven and Hell aren't exactly making things easier. Sort of crack. Dean/Castiel.

Comment fics: Note: some of these have been posted to my journal as well, but some have not.
Almost all commentfics I've written are at AO3 in my
Supernatural Comment-fic Collection.

Prank War for the All is Fair In Love & Prank Wars meme. Prompt: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas. In which team free love has a prank war of epic proportions...with the big brothers vs. the little brothers.

What Archangels Have Joined Together. The original version posted to the  All is Fair In Love & Prank Wars meme. Prompt: Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Lucifer - Gabriel really didn't die, instead he bound Dean and Lucifer together... this may be his best or worst prank ever.

It Must Be Love for the All is Fair In Love & Prank Wars meme. Prompt: Gabriel decides that it's great fun to convince Dean that Cas has a crush on him. There are two versions of this; a gen, and a slash fic. Posted first is the gen version, so scroll down for the slash version (Dean/Castiel) if you want to read it.

Untitled ficlet.  Written for comment_fic; specifically, the tv tropes meme. Castiel decides that Dean needs a hug. Prompt: Dean, stoic woobie (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StoicWoobie).

First Words. For comment _fic. Prompt: Castiel/always-a-girl!Dean, their daughter's first word.

Misnamed. For comment_fic. Prompt: Lucifer, Lucifer wasn't Satan, or the Devil - just the angelic scapegoat.

Holy Water. For comment_fic. Prompt: any character, "You put what in the what now?" Fledglings. For comment_fic. Prompt: Castiel + Sam + Dean, he sees them as his fledglings.

Faultless. For comment_fic. Prompt: Gabriel/any, don't shoot the messenger.

Feelings.  For comment_fic. Prompt: Dean/Castiel, Anna once told Dean Angels can't feel. She was dead wrong.

Should Come With Warning Labels. For comment_fic. Prompt: Gabriel +or/ Sam (or Gabriel + Dean), "You should come with a warning label." "...Don't you dare add one."

I Know How To Kill You. For comment_fic. Prompt: Sam/Gabriel, I know how to kill you.

Candy from Strangers (or booze from hot girls). For comment_fic. Prompt: Supernatural, Gabriel + Dean, "He gave me booze! Did he take a sip? I can't remember. Or maybe it was the chocolate! Don't take candy from strangers!" I can't find the LJ link for this, so check it out here.

Mystery Spot Redux. For comment_fic. Trickster(Gabriel) + Winchesters (opt. Gabriel/Sam), What if Gabriel's identity was revealed earlier?

Supernatural crossovers on livejournal or AO3

Supernatural Omens.   Good Omens crossover. (5/? chapters posted)
There's Dean and Sam and Cas, plus Gabriel. Then there's Crowley and Aziraphale, who have fought apocalypses before. Maybe Team Free Will 2.0 has a better chance than anyone thought. Formerly titled 'A Flash Bastard & a Guy In Tartan.'
Part One: Unexpected Assistance
Part Two: Tea at Aziraphale's
Part Three: Conversation
Part Four: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Antichrist
Part Five: White Hats

All Tricksters Are The Same. Star Trek crossover. (1/1)
Gabriel was happily annoying the shit out of Picard when Castiel appeared on the bridge. Supernatural/Star Trek crossover. Kinda crack. Gen. Complete.

Conversations. Lucifer (Vertigo comics) crossover.  (1/1)
After the supposed events of 4.22, the Trickster stops by a nightclub named Lux to deliver a message. Gen. Complete.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus. Lucifer (Vertigo comics) crossover. (1/?)
Let sleeping dragons lie, so the maxim goes, for a dragon's first instinct is always to respond with flame and fire, and it knows no moderation. Lucifer is no different.

Archangel In Exile. Supernatural/Supernatural RPF crossover.  (5/?)
Gen. Apparently Supernatural was real, which was presumably why Gabriel was bleeding out onto Richard’s floor. Crack. In-progress. (Originally posted here, but newer chapters are only at the first link.)

Superman (it's not easy).   Spiderman crossover. (1/1)
The Great Beast That Is Called Dragon, Destroyer of Worlds has risen, Cas can't access his powers and is incredibly grumpy about it, and Sam and Dean just want to get the hell away as far as they can. Peter, MJ, and Peter's Aunt May feel the same way.

Antichrist Ex Machina.  Good Omens crossover. (1/1)
When the angels suddenly vanished like they’d been clothes-lined out, Zachariah with bulging eyes and an indignant yell that cut off halfway through, the last person Sam expected to see standing there was Adam Young.

The Archangel and the Antichrist.  Good Omens crossover series.
If you have the ability to destroy the world, then maybe you also have a responsibility to protect it. And in a world where the angels are trying to destroy everything, it probably makes sense that the Antichrist wants to save it. Or, the encounters between Gabriel and Adam Young during the approach of the apocalypse, as Adam tries to fix everything. Spoilers for Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Changing Channels, and and Hammer of the Gods.
A Quiet Night at Croft Hall.
A Conversation in Broward County.
This Is The World We Live In.
Prince of the World.

Not Yet The EndAvengers crossover. (1/1)
A bit over a year after Detroit was wiped off the map at the beginning of the apocalypse, and nine months after joining other survivors at Camp Chitaqua, Steve Rogers discovered that maybe he wasn't the only Avenger left in the world. And together, the Avengers can do pretty much anything. Gen. Also has a coda, but I never thought I'd see you as I did today.

Supernatural crossovers on fanfiction.net only

While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night. Good Omens crossover. (1/1) Aziraphale and Crowley celebrate Christmas. Archangel-on-the-lam Gabriel tags along. Complete.

Winchester Legacy. Star Trek reboot crossover. (1/?) Two hundred years ago the Winchesters stopped the apocalypse. Now, instead of getting into fights and running amok, eighteen year old Jim Kirk goes to live with his Auntie Sam and learns the family business. Four years later, an angel shows up.

Inheritable Characteristics. Buffy crossover. (4/?) Sam and Dean know a hunter named Xander Harris. As the apocalypse approaches, though, they find there's more to him than meets the eye. Maybe if Dean hadn't dismissed the fact that he looked a little familiar...

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